Save Your Precious Time & Let Me Help You

“A virtual assistant is at the core of a successful business owner.”


Hi there, I am Nova!

My goal, regardless of the project’s length, is to make your business run more smoothly. I’m always looking for new ways to boost productivity and profits. I can assure you that my work ethic will satisfy you, proving that I am the right choice for your VA.

Why you should hire me as your virtual assistant? Here are some facts about myself:

I’ve been doing Administrative Tasks in a BPO company for a year, and I’m confident that I can use my previous job experience and knowledge, as well as the training at Virtualasting, to be an effective Virtual Assistant and relieve you of the pressure of having an endless to-do list. As a virtual assistant, I am willing and able to assist you if you require an extra hand.

  • I’m a good communicator and listener.

Before I begin working, I will carefully consider your requirements. I am always available for discussion, but I accept that many business owners require someone they can rely on to make good decisions. I will be at comfort working independently on works that will benefit your company.

  • I’m trustworthy

I keep to my deadlines. If I say I’ll do something, I’ll do it.  I am also flexible and open to new experiences.

  • My work practices are transparent

I can send emails to keep you up to date on what I’m working on. I can also use online tools like Google Calendar, Trello (a project management system), and others to keep everything organized.

  • I’m a resourceful problem solver

I am willing to coordinate or come up with creative solutions to your company’s problems. If I’ve never done something before, I’ll spend time learning how to do it or seek assistance from someone who is an expert in that field.


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